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Skeptical Education #21

August 21, 2009

Daniel Loxton, the editor of Junior Skeptic magazine, discusses how we can help to ensure that the next generation is thoroughly prepared for all the irrationality, pseudoscience and disinformation that the world will throw at them. And on Speaking Up: Notes from the Skepdad with Brad Salomons. Read More


Ask A Pharmacist #20

August 14, 2009

Scott Gavura discusses naturopaths prescribing medicine, the right to refuse to fill prescriptions on moral grounds, and how not every remedy in your local pharmacy is evidence-based. And on Speaking Up: Brownian Motion and the Ants. Read More


Gender and The Skeptical Community #19

August 07, 2009

So where are we with gender and sexism within the skeptical community? The facts and opinions may surprise you. With guests Dana Blumrosen, Marion Kilgour and Jill Powell. Read More


Astrobiology #18

July 31, 2009

Dr. Maggie Turnbull, consulting scientist for NASA's New World Observer, a space telescope mission to discover and study Earth-like planets orbiting nearby stars, and for the MIT Exoplanet-SAT, a mission to search for transits of habitable exoplanets, offers us a glimpse into the possibility of life on other planets. And on Speaking Up: skepticism and weight loss with Jill Powell. Read More


Cyber Security #17

July 24, 2009

Nullsession explains just how totally dependent we are on our computers, and the myriad ways in which we are vulnerable. I for one, welcome our robot overlords. And on Speaking Up: IQ denialism with Rodrigo de la Jara. Read More


TAM Forever #16

July 17, 2009

The cast discusses their trip to TAM7, with the goal of making you ridiculously jealous. With surprise calls from Tim Farley, Jeff Wagg and Richard Saunders! Read More


Stormchasing #15

July 03, 2009

Jeff Richardson talks with us about tornadoes and other extreme weather conditions, and what drives someone to choose such a potentially hazardous hobby. And on Speaking Up: Amy Davis Roth of surlyramics.com. Beautiful jewelry for the fashionable skeptic. Read More


Math #14

June 26, 2009

The episode in which Simon Rose attempts to assist Des in her ongoing struggle with numbers. Spoiler: numbers win. And on Speaking Up: science-inspired clothing line thephage.com with Sibina. Read More


Astronomy #13

June 19, 2009

Astronomer, popular author and super-blogger Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy joins us to talk about all things astronomy. Why is Pluto now not a planet? What’s NASA up to lately? And what’s the deal with the Hubble Telescope? Read More


Biotechnology Ethics #12

June 12, 2009

Author, philosopher and ethicist Chris MacDonald discusses the ethics involved in this broad and sometimes morally ambiguous field. On Speaking Up: Skepticamp with Nathan Hinman. Read More


Nuclear Power #11

June 05, 2009

Fascinating discussion on nuclear power with Dr. Jeremy Whitlock, reactor physicist and author of the website The Canadian Nuclear FAQ, and Elena Schacherl, founder and Co-chair of Citizens Advocating the Use of Sustainable Energy (CAUSE), which is a member of the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Alberta. Read More


Geology #10

May 29, 2009

Dr. Hans Machel discusses flood theory, crystals, the concept of a hollow earth, and why all these things can be explained using his Square of Irrational Thought. And on Speaking Up: celebrities and your health with Jill Powell. Read More


Quitting Smoking #9

May 22, 2009

The cast decides to quit smoking and provides their research on the most (and least) evidence-based ways to go about it. Special appearances by MC Frontalot and Catherine Nissen. Read More


Censorship #8

May 15, 2009

Dennis Young, leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, and Matthew Johnston, publisher of the Western Standard, discuss censorship and free speech. And on Speaking Up: the epigenome with Mike Harrison. Read More


Skeptical Activism and Bill 44 #7

May 08, 2009

Brian Mason, leader of the Alberta NDP, discusses Bill 44, the Alberta Government's proposal to allow parents to opt-out of classes that conflict with religious belief. Tim Farley, creator of What's the Harm (pictured), explains how to most effectively use the Internet for skeptical activism. Read More


Neuroeconomics #6

May 01, 2009

Dr. Ming Hsu discusses the way your brain deals with decisions about efficiency, versus how it deals with issues of fairness. And on Speaking Up: skepticism in movies with Jill Powell. Read More


UFOs #5

April 24, 2009

Jim Moroney of the Alberta UFO Study Group discusses his experiences with and research into aliens. And on Speaking Up: new exoplanet Gliese 581 E with Brownian Motion. Read More


Science of Love #4

April 17, 2009

Helen Fisher was slated to be on the show to talk about the biological roots of romantic love, but was unable to appear. Mike Harrison substituted. And on Speaking Up: supermarket science with Marion Kilgour. Read More


The Gerson Diet #3

April 10, 2009

Howard Straus of the Gerson Institute, who is featured in the movie A Beautiful Truth: The World's Simplest Cure for Cancer, discusses this controversial treatment. And on Speaking Up: "Our visit to the Body Soul and Spirit Expo" with Nathan Hinman and Ryan Bromsgrove. Read More


Science of Cults #2

March 27, 2009

Dr. Stephen Kent discusses brainwashing, ritual abuse and the difference between cults and religions. And on Speaking Up: potty training with Brad Salomons. Read More