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The Science of Sleep #69

July 23, 2010

Dr. Kimberly A. Cote, Director of the Brock University Sleep Laboratory, discusses the research into the relationship between sleep, cognition and performance. On Speaking Up, we talk with Josh Hunt from the Cleveland Skeptics, on Critical Thinking 101. Read More


Adventures Among Ants #68

July 16, 2010

We're joined by explorer and wildlife photographer Mark W. Moffet, to discuss his new book Adventures Among Ants. We'll journey around the world to learn about these fascinating insects, and discover the parallels between their societies and our own. On Speaking Up, we talk with blogger Mike McCarron on making skepticism a family affair. Read More


Cruelty #67

July 09, 2010

We talk to researcher Dr. Kathleen Taylor, the author of Cruelty: Human Evil and the Human Brain. Has the human brain evolved the capacity for evil? We'll examine cruelty as a scientific phenomenon, using the latest research from psychology and neuroscience. On Speaking Up we talk with Marc-Julien Objois of the Greater Edmonton Skeptics Society on their upcoming Skepticamp. Read More


Scientific Paranormal Investigation #66

July 02, 2010

Our guest is Ben Radford, columnist and managing editor for Skeptical Inquirer magazine. Ben is a veteran investigator of paranormal incidents, and the author of Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries. He'll share stories about his favourite investigations, and the techniques he uses to bring real science to bear on paranormal claims. On Speaking Up we talk to Markus Volter with Omega Tau Podcast. Read More


Transhumanism #65

June 25, 2010

We explore the predictions and the problems in the quest to "enhance" human beings. We're joined by George Dvorsky of Sentient Developments and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and blogger Greg Fish. How will advancing technology affect our bodies, our lives, and our society? And it's time for another installment of Everything You Know is Sort Of Wrong with Greg Laden. This week: Did Humans Evolve from Apes? Read More


The Cosmetics Cop #64

June 18, 2010

Paula Begoun is the bestselling author of "The Beauty Bible" and "Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me." We'll examine the science behind some popular beauty products, and find out what real research says about makeup myths. On Speaking Up we talk about The Amazing Meeting with Austin Luton, Jeff Wagg and K.O. Myers. Read More


Vitamins #63

June 11, 2010

Pharmacist and blogger Scott Gavura returns to give us the evidence-based perspective on vitamins and the claims that are made about them. Which ones are beneficial, which ones are bunk, and how is this billion-dollar industry regulated? And on Speaking Up we talk with Steve Wereley on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Please note, due to technical issues during the recording, the sound quality of this week's episode is not up to our usual standard. We apologize for the inconvenience. Read More


The Evidence for Climate Change #62

June 04, 2010

We're joined by John Cook, author of Skeptical Science, a website that examines climate change denial. What are the most common arguments used to create doubt about global warming? Are they supported by scientific evidence? On Speaking Up we talk to Meg Askey, Director of the Flagstaff Film Festival. Read More


Bonobo Handshake #61

May 28, 2010

Journalist and author Vanessa Woods joins us to discuss her new book Bonobo Handshake.  The memoir takes us inside Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary, a refuge for orphaned baby bonobos in the Congo. What can studying these highly social primates tell us about ourselves? And science blogger Greg Laden joins us for Everything You Know Is Sort of Wrong, a new regular feature exposing the truth behind some commonly held beliefs. Our first segment: Primitive Cultures. Read More


Massimo Pigliucci #60

May 21, 2010

Philosophy professor and author Dr. Massimo Pigliucci joins us to discuss his new book Nonsense On Stilts: How to Tell Science from Bunk. We'll discuss why people embrace pseudoscientific beliefs, and how it affects our culture. And on Speaking Up we talk to Noisy Astronomer Nicole Gugliucci with Dark Skies, Bright Kids. Read More


Young Skeptics #59

May 14, 2010

We're joined by three members of the Young Australian Skeptics: Jack Scanlan, Elliot Birch and Jason Ball. We'll find out what's it like to discover reason before you're eligible to vote, how they communicate with their more credulous peers, and where they think we should go from here. On Speaking Up we talk to Alex Swan from WooFighters.org. Read More


Cryptozoology 101 #58

May 07, 2010

Blake Smith and Dr. Karen Stollznow, two of the hosts of MonsterTalk, join us to share some of their favorite stories of fictional fauna. On Speaking Up, we talk with Myron Getman of themadskeptic.com on The Dangers of Cryptozoology. Read More


The Survival Guide for Outsiders #57

April 30, 2010

We talk to Sherman K. Stein, mathematician and author of Survival Guide for Outsiders: How To Protect Yourself From Politicians, Experts, and Other Insiders. What makes us so susceptible to social influence, and how can we guard against being manipulated? And on Speaking Up we talk to Matthew Linsdell on Personal Training. Read More


Baba Brinkman #56

April 23, 2010

We sit down with Vancouver rapper Baba Brinkman, the artist behind The Rap Guide to Evolution, and the new rationalist anthem Off That. And on Speaking Up, we talk with Jason Brown with skepticator.com. Read More


Science Education #55

April 16, 2010

How are today's teachers sharing the wonders of science and critical thinking with the next generation of students? With cognitive psychologist and university lecturer Barbara Drescher, and Mike McRae, former science teacher and current science writer for the education division of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. And on Speaking Up, we talk to Taylor Proctor with SkeptiBOOTcamp. Read More


The Genius in All of Us #54

April 09, 2010

We'll be joined by journalist and bestselling author David Shenk, to discuss his new book, The Genius in All of Us: Why Everything You've Been Told About Genetics, Talent, and IQ Is Wrong. We'll dig into the relationship between intelligence, talent and genetics. When it comes to the brain, does DNA always equal destiny, or can hard work mean more than heredity? On Speaking Up we talk to Steve Thoms of Skeptic North on Homeopathy Awareness Week. Read More


Obesity #53

April 02, 2010

Researcher and writer Peter Janiszewski joins us to discuss the science of obesity, and the latest research on weight loss and human health. And on Speaking Up we talk with Carrie Iwan of Skepchick on Skepchicon. Read More


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch #52

March 26, 2010

We speak to Miriam Goldstein, doctoral student at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography about her research expedition to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. And on Speaking Up, we talk to Greg Fish from worldofweirdthings.com on Transhumanism. While we were on air, some wonderful listeners decided to post a "Happy First Radioversary" fan page. If you'd like to see for yourself what almost made Desiree speechless on live radio, visit here. Read More


Nobel Prize Women in Science #51

March 19, 2010

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, author Sharon Bertsch McGrayne joined us to discuss the lives, careers and Nobel Prize-winning research of women scientists. And on Speaking Up we talk to Heidi Anderson previews She Thought. Read More


Investigating Technology #50

March 12, 2010

We spoke to Jonathan Strickland, senior writer and "TechStuff" for howstuffworks.com, about the importance of critical thinking when examining new technology, and when determining whether the tech we use now does what it claims. And on Speaking Up we talk to Tyson Wozniak on skeparent.com. Read More