Science for the People was rebroadcast by a number of fine radio stations and online streaming services for 10 years. As of March 20 2019, we have stopped adhering to our strict 60 minutes show length policy, and some weeks will not air a new episode or a rebroadcast.

Rebroadcasting Science For The People

If your station would like to continue to air our episodes, we will continue to provide higher quality 192K MP3 files of every new episode on our Rebroadcasters Resources page appropriate for radio broadcast, but they will be of inconsisent length.

If you would like access to an archive of old 60 minute duration Science for the People episodes of suitable quality to broadcast, please contact us at

Our Format

Long-format interviews with science experts, authors, researchers, and academics.

Show Length

Variable, generally between 30 minutes - 90 minutes in length.


New episodes launch in our feed on a semi-weekly basis: we tend to follow a rough 3 new episodes followed by 1 week off rotation, but this is not always predictable. We provide higher quality, 192K MP3 files our our Rebroadcasters Resources page appropriate for radio broadcasts.


Looking for our Rebroadcasters Resources page? You can find higher-quality audio files to download and a downloadable zip file of all our logos for use on your station website.


Need more information? Want to add your station to the list of rebroadcasters you see on this page? Contact us at