This is your brain on music #618

January 30, 2023

Humans are musical. Really, really musical. But why? What is it for, how did it come about, and what do we get from it? Let's get between the science and the hype (Mozart is not going to make you smarter) with Adriana Barton and her book: Wired for Music: A search for Health and Joy through the Science of Sound.


  • Adriana Barton
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Guest Bios

Adriana Barton

Adriana Barton is a journalist, author and former staff reporter at Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. Her writing on health, science, visual arts, architecture, music and pop culture has appeared in publications including Utne, Azure, Western Living, Vancouver magazine, BlackFlash and San Francisco Bay Guardian. Adriana studied the cello for 17 years with teachers including international solo artist Antonio Lysy and Stephen Geber, former principal cellist of the Cleveland Orchestra.