Tailoring your brain with science #596

January 31, 2022

Intent on improving your creativity or focus? Want to raise your IQ? What does that even mean? This week, we've got Emily Willingham back on the show to talk about tailoring the brain with science: The good, the bad, and the totally not proven. We're talking about her new book The Tailored Brain: From Ketamine, to Keto, to Companionship: A user's guide to feeling better and thinking smarter.


  • Emily Willingham
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Guest Bios

Emily Willingham

Emily Willingham, PhD, is a journalist and science writer who earned a PhD in biology and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in urology, both after taking a bachelor's degree in English literature. She is co-author of "The Informed Parent: A Guide to Your Child's First 4 Years", and her writing has appeared at the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Aeon, Undark, San Francisco Chronicle, and many other outlets. She is a regular contributor to Scientific American.