Mental Illness Myths #283

September 19, 2014

Image from Jens Maus

This week, we're listening to "Mental Illness Myths," a panel discussion about public perceptions of mental health  at CONvergence 2014. Panelists Megan Press, Miri Mogilevsky, Julia Burke and Olivia James discuss misconceptions about diagnosis, treatment and symptoms, and the harm that stigma does to individuals affected by mental illness.


  • Megan Press
  • Julia Burke
  • Olivia James
  • Miri Mogilevsky

Guest Bios

Megan Press

Megan Press is a psychiatrist who is passionate about stomping out stigma, integrating mental health care into primary medical care, and eliminating mind/body dualism from medicine. She spends her days treating patients, teaching newbie doctors at the University of Minnesota, and managing a bunch of mental health clinics. At home she is a wife, mother, and knitter. Deep down inside she is a big geek who enjoys reading, sci-fi, Bioshock, and sleeping in (that last part never actually happens).

Julia Burke

Julia Burke is a freelance writer and journalist with an interest in social justice and a passion for wine, beer, and food. When she’s not rewiewing a concert or crushing grapes, she’s a volunteer with Secular Woman. She’s based in the Midwest, where she runs to support her hedonistic passions and drinks to support her writing habit. Find her on her website at Stellenbauchery. Photo by Amy Roth.

Olivia James

Olivia James is a writer and activist at Skepchick, Teen Skepchick, and We Got So Far To Go. Her writing focuses on feminism, mental health, and skepticism, with a healthy dose of philosophy thrown in. She graduated in 2012 from St. Olaf College with a BA in Philosophy and Religion and is travelling to Ireland in 2014 to pursue a Master’s in Global Ethics. She is also a pile of nerd.

Miri Mogilevsky

Miri Mogilevsky is a graduate student in social work at Columbia University. Her blog, Brute Reason, covers topics such as social justice, psychology, mental health, and whatever else keeps her up thinking till 3 AM. When not writing, Miri devours books and talks to anyone who’s willing to listen about how amazing New York City is.

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