The Women Of Skepticism #76

September 10, 2010

This episode was recorded when Science for the People was called Skeptically Speaking.

Live from Skeptrack at Dragon*Con, we talk to the women of skepticism about the contributions they're making to science and critical thinking. We start with a panel including Kylie Sturgess of The Token Skeptic, Robynn "Swoopy" McCarthy of Skepticality, and Heidi Anderson and Jenna Marie Griffith of SheThought.

Field recordings: Donna Mugavero, Laurie Tarr, Dr. Pamela Gay, Dr. Rachie Dunlop, Jennifer Ouellette, Maria Walters, A Kovacs, Barbara Drescher


  • Kylie Sturgess
  • Robynn McCarthy
  • Heidi Anderson
  • Jenna Marie Griffith
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