Penis. That's It. That's the title. #573

September 13, 2020

This episode is about penises. That was your content warning. Penises. Where they came from. Why they're useful. And the many, many wild things that animals do with them. Come for the world's oldest penis, stay for the creature that ejaculates 80 percent of its bodyweight. Host Bethany Brookshire talks with Emily Willingham about her new book, "Phallacy: Life Lessons from the Animal Penis".


  • Emily Willingham
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Guest Bios

Emily Willingham

Emily Willingham, PhD, is a journalist and science writer who earned a PhD in biology and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in urology, both after taking a bachelor's degree in English literature. She is co-author of "The Informed Parent: A Guide to Your Child's First 4 Years", and her writing has appeared at the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Aeon, Undark, San Francisco Chronicle, and many other outlets. She is a regular contributor to Scientific American.