Life on an unruly planet #636

October 24, 2023

We might say climate change is coming for us. But really, it's here. Fires are worse in hotter, drier conditions. Hurricanes are powered up supersoaking storms. Even tides are now rising into the streets and the beautiful oceanfront property we always wanted isn't looking so good. It's easy to feel despair, because no one individual thing will solve this problem. But where individuals will collapse, communities can build. This week we're talking with Madeline Ostrander about her book, At Home on an Unruly Planet: Finding refuge on a changed earth.


  • Madeline Ostrander
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Guest Bios

Madeline Ostrander

Madeline Ostrander is a journalist who writes about humans and our ongoing struggles to find an appropriate place on this round, blue planet. Her book, "At Home on an Unruly Planet" tells the stories of four American communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis -- and reflects on what it means to make a home in this era of upheaval and transition.