The Theory That Would Not Die #124

August 05, 2011

This episode was recorded when Science for the People was called Skeptically Speaking.

This week, show favorite Sharon Bertsch McGrayne returns to tell us about her new book, The Theory That Would Not Die: How Bayes’ Rule Cracked the Enigma Code, Hunted Down Russian Submarines, and Emerged Triumphant from Two Centuries of Controversy. We’ll learn how this once overlooked branch of probability theory has played a central role in some of the biggest turning points in human history. And on the podcast, we’re joined by computer network researcher Dr. Boleslaw K. Szymanski, to discuss his new paper, on the conditions under which minority opinions become social consensus.

For more information on the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s draft policy on Non-Allopathic Therapies in Medical Practice, and to find out how to submit comments, visit


  • Sharon Bertsch McGrayne
  • Boleslaw Szymanski
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