The Psychopath Whisperer #292

November 21, 2014

This week on Science for the People, we’re looking at the science of psychopathy. We’ll spend the hour learning about social science research, neuroimaging and behavioral therapies with Kent Kiehl, neuroscience researcher, lecturer and author of "The Psychopath Whisperer: The Science of Those Without Conscience."

For more information on screenings of the "Silence of the Labs" documentary, visit Evidence for Democracy.


  • Kent Kiehl

Guest Bios

Kent Kiehl

Dr. Kent Kiehl is a neuroscientist who specializes in the use of clinical brain imaging techniques to understand major mental illnesses, criminal psychopathy, psychotic disorders, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, and paraphilias. He designed a one-of-a-kind Mind Mobile MRI System to conduct research and treatment studies with inmate populations, and his laboratory has collected brain imaging date from over 3,000 offenders at eight different facilities, which is the world's largest forensic neuroscience repository. He also lectures to state and federal judges, lawyers, probation officers, correctional officials, academic audiences, and the public about the intersection of neuroscience and the law, psychopathy and the law, and the use and misuse of neuroscience in the courtroom. He is the author of the book "The Psychopath Whisperer: The Science of Those Without Conscience".

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