Severed #314

April 24, 2015

This week we're looking at our scientific curiosity - and morbid fascination - about the human body and its amazing anatomy. We'll speak to anthropologist and author Frances Larson about her book "Severed: A History of Heads Lost and Heads Found." And we'll discuss the experience of learning anatomy through human dissection, with Laboratory Supervisor Haley Linklater, and masters student Noah Mintz, from the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Western University.


  • Frances Larson
  • Haley Linklater
  • Noah Mintz

Guest Bios

Frances Larson

Frances Larson is the author of ‘Severed: a History of Heads Lost and Heads Found’, which explores the dark and varied obsessions the 'civilised West’ has had with decapitated heads and skulls. Her earlier biography of Henry Wellcome, ‘An Infinity of Things’, was shortlisted for the MJA awards and was chosen as a Sunday Times Book of The Year, and a New Scientist Best Book of 2009. She received her doctorate in anthropology from the University of Oxford in 2004.

Haley Linklater

Haley Linklater is the Laboratory Supervisor and Body Bequeathal Coordinator at Western University, and previously attended Humber College's Funeral Services program and is a licensed funeral director in Ontario.

Noah Mintz

Noah is in the second year of the masters program in Clinical Anatomy at Western University. Before landing at Western, he completed a concurrent education program receiving both a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education as well as a Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto. For the past 3 years Noah has worked as a teaching assistant in anatomy courses at both Western University and the University of Toronto.

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