Home Alone? #522

May 03, 2019

Do you keep your house clean? Do you think that, maybe with the exception of the dog, you're alone in your home? Well, we hate to tell you this, but you're wrong. Your house is filled with microbes, fungi, bugs and much more. This week, we talk about the life filling you're house with Rob Dunn, a professor at North Carolina State University and author of the book "Never Home Alone: From Microbes to Millipedes, Camel Crickets, and Honeybees, the Natural History of Where We Live".

This episode is hosted by Bethany Brookshire, science writer from Science News.


  • Rob Dunn

Guest Bios

Rob Dunn

Rob Dunn is a professor of applied ecology at North Carolina State University. His lab studies the species around us in our everyday lives, species we tend to think of us as well known. He also write about the world around us, and shares the stories of the scientists who have devoted their lives to understanding species, organs, cells, genes or ecosystems that influence us every day.

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