All Over The Map #512

February 08, 2019

Today we're talking about maps: why we can spend hours pouring over them, the stories they tell, the information they visualize, and how they border between map and a work of art is a gloriously fuzzy one. We spend the hour with journalists Betsy Mason and Greg Miller, co-authors of a beautiful and fascinating new book "All Over the Map: A Cartographic Odyssey". You can see some of the maps we discuss over at the All Over the Map section of National Geographic.


  • Betsy Mason
  • Greg Miller
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Guest Bios

Betsy Mason

Betsy Mason is a science journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously she was the online science editor for Wired, where she built an award-winning science section, and the science reporter for the Contra Costa Times. She was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT for the 2015-2016 academic year. Before becoming a journalist, Mason earned a master’s degree in geology from Stanford.

Greg Miller

Greg Miller is a science and technology journalist based in Portland, Oregon. Previously he was a senior writer at Wired and a staff writer at Science magazine, where he won several honors and awards for his work. In addition to maps, Greg writes about neuroscience and other areas of biological and behavioral science. He earned a Ph.D in neuroscience at Stanford before becoming a journalist.