Volcanoes #486

August 10, 2018

Image from USGS

This week we're talking volcanoes. Because there are few things that fascinate us more than the amazing, unstoppable power of an erupting volcano. First, Jessica Johnson takes us through the latest activity from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii to help us understand what's happening with this headline-grabbing volcano. And Janine Krippner joins us to highlight some of the lesser-known volcanoes that can be found in the USA, the different kinds of eruptions we might one day see at them, and how damaging they have the potential to be.

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  • Jessica Johnson
  • Janine Krippner

Guest Bios

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson is a lecturer in geophysics at the University of East Anglia in the UK, and has been in her post since January 2015. Prior to that she did her PhD in volcano seismology at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, a two year research fellowship at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory and University of Hawaii at Hilo, and a two-year Marie-Curie Research Fellowship at the University of Bristol in the UK. She teaches applied geophysics and geophysical hazards, and researches volcano geophysics. Her main research interests are in geophysical hazards, specifically volcano seismology and geodesy, and earthquake seismology. Current research projects include: repeating earthquakes near Mount Ruapehu Volcano in New Zealand, seismic anisotropy at volcanoes in Ecuador and Iceland, and deformation and seismicity associated with magma movement at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii.

Janine Krippner

New Zealander Dr. Janine Krippner is a postdoctoral researcher and passionate volcanologist at Concord University, West Virginia, USA. She studies explosive volcanic eruption products -- pyroclastic flows (very hot, very fast, deadly avalanches that race down volcanoes), and volcanic ash deposits. She communicates everything-volcanoes on Twitter, with media, and on her blog because she saw for herself how crucial it is to reach people through these platforms during the Agung volcanic crisis.