The Keys to Skeletons Lost #516

March 08, 2019

Until we break a bone or two, we tend not to spend too much time thinking about our bones, where they come from, and how we know what we know about them. Well, today we've got a bone to pick with our own skeletons. We'll talk with Brian Switek, author of the book "Skeleton Keys: The Secret Life of Bone", about where your skeleton comes from, and how so many of the skeletons scientists have studied have complicated pasts and uncertain futures.


  • Riley Black
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Guest Bios

Riley Black

Riley Black is the author of The Last Days of the Dinosaurs and other fossiliferous books, and her byline has appeared in publications ranging from National Geographic to Slate. When not writing about old bones, she can often be found with museum crews in their search for new fossils around the Southwest.