That's the Yeast of your Worries #560

May 10, 2020

Like many people these days, you might be spending your time at home making bread. Maybe you couldn't find instant yeast and decided that sourdough didn't sound that hard. But the colony of wild yeast you've nurtured is more marvelous than you probably expect. Today host Marion Kilgour discusses a small corner of the wonderful world of yeast with Sudeep Agarwala from Ginkgo Bioworks.

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  • Sudeep Agarwala

Guest Bios

Sudeep Agarwala

Sudeep Agarwala, PhD, studied biology at MIT and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. He is currently a Program Director at Ginkgo Bioworks, a Synthetic Biology company in Boston, MA.