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Recent Feed Maintenance & Runaway Downloads

July 15, 2015

For those using iTunes to auto download the podcast, over the last 2 days we've had to make some minor changes to the feed URL, and for some people it means all the episodes are re-downloading. The best way to stop this is to set your iTunes to only download the "X Most Recent" episodes in the podcast settings. Apologies for the runaway downloads anyone has experienced: we didn't realize this minor change would cause that!

In future, we'll be sure to notify you in advance of any changes we're making to our feed that might cause this to happen again. One way you can prevent these types of runaway downloads for any show you're listening to is to limit the number of episodes to the "X Most Recent" rather than "Within X Days".

For example, here's how you change your iOS Apple Podcast App settings:

  1. Open the iTunes podcast app on your device.
  2. Open Science for the People.
  3. Tap the Science for the People logo.
  4. A larger logo should appear. Look for "Settings" underneath the logo.
  5. Select "Limit Episodes".
  6. Select one of the "X Most Recent" options. If you pick one of the "X Day" options, it will try and download everything that was changed in that time period. Since we just did a minor update of our entire back-catalogue, apparently all of that counts.

Again, many apologies for the chaos! Next time we need to do feed maintenance we'll be sure to give everyone ample warning.

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