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Best Science Books of 2021

November 28, 2021

John Dupuis and Joanne Manaster have returned for another year of science book recommendations! This is a companion blog to the 28 November 2021 episode The One About Science Books, 2021 Edition: below is a list of the science books we talked about, and links to where you can purchase them on Amazon if that's what you'd like to do. As usual, we've added our affilate tag to these links so if you buy something from Amazon because we sent you, we get a little kickback (usually around $0.50).

While we do provide Amazon links below, this year we do hope you'll turn to your local bookstore first if you have one and can purchase the books safely. Support your local bookstore if you can!

Note: this page uses javascript to give you Amazon links appropriate for the country your IP resolves to. We don't store or track your IP: the javascript just checks it to build an Amazon link for the store most relevant to you. If some of the below links aren't working, make sure you don't have javascript blocked.

Joanne Manaster

John Dupuis