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Audio Extras: Ethan Siegel on Red Flags of Pseudoscience

June 06, 2015

A while back, we did an interview with the wonderful astrophysicist and science writer Ethan Siegel, about the so-called "Impossible Space Drive", which you can listen to in our archives as part of the episode "Impossible Space".

During that conversation, we talked about red flags of pseudoscience and how a science-savvy layperson can sort the new, exciting, on-the-fringe science from the pseudoscience. We ran over time, so this section was ultimately cut out of the final episode that aired, but we wanted to share this "cutting-room floor" section with you.

Ethan provides an excellent summary and great thoughts in response to my question. If you're a big fan of watching science headlines – in particular, the physics headlines – this is definitely worth a listen.

Length: 8:54

Image credit: foreground image by J. Cummings; background by NASA / CXC / Hubble / Spitzer / STScI.

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