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World Changing Ideas: Part Two #145

December 30, 2011

This week, it’s Part Two of our series with Scientific American, on the technologies profiled in their World Changing Ideas feature article. We’ll talk to Sci-Am editors and writers, and researchers who are developing cutting edge tech that just might shape the future of our society, our planet, and our survival as a species.

 In Part Two, cardiologist Dr. Eric Topol discusses the use of smartphones to monitor your vital signs in real time. Sci-am’s Executive Editor Fred Guterl tells us about software that could mean the end of computer freezes. Senior Technology Editor Michael Moyer explains how metal-loving microbes could revolutionize the mining industry. Sustainability and tech journalist Christopher Mims discusses computer chips that mimic the structure and function of human neurons. And David Weinberger, co-director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, tells us about a proposed computer model that would attempt to predict the results of global human behavior.


  • Eric Topol
  • Michael Moyer
  • Christopher Mims
  • David Weinberger
  • Fred Guterl
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This episode was recorded when Science for the People was called Skeptically Speaking

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