The D Factor: The Dark Side of Your Personality #547

January 12, 2020

This week on Science for the People, we're discussing dark personality traits. Everyone has them, and how they manifest themselves depends on your "D" level. We'll be speaking with Ingo Zettler, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen and a member of the team of researchers who put forward the theory of the common core of dark personality traits, about what the "D" factor is and what influences your "D" level. This episode is hosted by Anika Hazra.

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  • Ingo Zettler

Guest Bios

Ingo Zettler

Dr. Ingo Zettler, PhD, is a Professor with Special Responsibilities in Personality and Social Behavior at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, where he is part of the Copenhagen Personality and Social Psychology (CoPSY) research group. His research interests include behavioral economics, educational psychology, personality psychology, and work and organizational psychology. At the moment, he is particularly interested in the interplay between personality characteristics and situational factors in shaping behavior.

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