Homeschool STEM Resource Extravaganza #557

April 12, 2020

With many schools closed and parents looking for resources to help keep children stuck at home engaged and still learning, the hosts of Science for the People stuck on our curation caps and did some digging to create a list of STEM themed online resources for students of all ages and interests. This week we take a break from our usual format so that hosts Bethany Brookshire and Rachelle Saunders can showcase these great resources and hopefully help you find a few that your at-home student is keen to explore.

Find a link to every learning resource we talk about in this episode in a blog post in our news section, with a brief sentence explaining it and our best understanding of what age groups these resources are aimed at.

We've also put together a second blog post with a list of our own previous episodes of Science for the People and the books we talked about in them that we think are suitable for science-savvy teenage students aged 15+.


  • Rachelle Saunders
  • Bethany Brookshire
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