The Way of Science: Finding Truth and Meaning in a Scientific Worldview

Written by Dennis Trumble

This book makes a compelling case that now more than ever the public at large needs to appreciate the critical-thinking tools that science has to offer and be educated in basic science literacy. The author emphasizes that the methods and facts of science are accessible to everyone, and that, contrary to popular belief, understanding science does not require extraordinary intelligence. He also notes that scientific rationality and critical thinking are not only good for our physical well-being but also are fully in sync with our highest moral codes. He illustrates the many ways in which the scientific worldview offers a profound sense of wonder, connectedness, and optimism about the human condition, an inspiring perspective that satisfies age-old spiritual aspirations.

At a time of daunting environmental challenges and rampant misinformation, this book provides a welcome corrective and reason to hope for the future.

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Featured On Episode #229

The Way of Science

This week, we’re taking science out of the lab and into everyday life. Rachelle Saunders speaks to Dennis R. Trumble, Senior Biomedical Engineer and Instructor of Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital, about his book The Way of Science: Finding Truth and Meaning in a Scientific Worldview. Desiree Schell talks to Bobby Duffy, Managing Director of the Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute, about the top 10 mistakes the British public make about statistics. And Desiree speaks to Katie Gibbs of Evidence for Democracy, a group that advocates for the transparent use of science and evidence in Canadian public policy.

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