It's OK to have Lead in Your Lipstick

Written by Perry Romanowski

Are you sick of outrageous beauty claims and over-priced products that don’t deliver? Tired of not knowing what to believe about products? Confused about who to trust for beauty tips and tricks? Well, worry no more. The popular science bloggers, The Beauty Brains, are back with another book full of informative and fun beauty advice.

It’s Ok to Have Lead in Your Lipstick starts by debunking what the American Council on Science and Health called the number one unfounded health scare story of 2007. And that’s just the beginning: this book answers dozens of important (and some oddball) beauty questions that you’re dying to know: Clever lies that the beauty companies tell you; The straight scoop of which beauty myths are true and which are just urban legends; Which ingredients are really scary and which ones are just scaremongering by the media to incite an irrational fear of chemicals; How to tell the difference between the products that are really green and the ones that are just trying to get more of your hard earned money by labeling them “natural” or “organic.”

Written in a straight talk, fact based style yet laced with plenty of humor, It’s Okay to Have Lead in Your Lipstick is an easy and informative read for all ages.

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