The Last Science Book Club #640

December 07, 2023

For the last time, Joanne Manaster and John Dupuis talk us through their favourite science reads from the last year, and add a little "time travel" seasoning in to keep things interesting, harkening back to old favs as well as talking about the best of the best from 2023.

As always, we've got our companion blog post ready with the full book list, including links to Amazon where you can find more information. Happy reading!


  • Joanne Manaster
  • John Dupuis
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Guest Bios

Joanne Manaster

Joanne Manaster is a faculty lecturer in biology at the University of Illinois's School of Integrative Biology, and a a science educator and communicator who is also known as @sciencegoddess on Twitter. She is the co-host of the YouTube Live/Google Hangout on Air program, Read Science! where they talk to popular science book authors about their books and the importance of communicating science to the general public.

John Dupuis

John Dupuis is a scholarly publishing librarian and engineering liaison at the Steacie Science and Engineering Library at York University in Toronto. John has a Masters of Library and Information studies degree, used to blog at Confessions of a Science Librarian, and currently writes the weekly-ish newsletter Covid is Not Over. His research and professional interests include science books, the future of academic libraries, open access advocacy, scholarly communications in computer science, and Canadian science policy.