The Last Episode #642

December 31, 2023

Image from Jan Tinneberg

Join the team of Science for the People for one last episode, where we interview... ourselves. We talk about our time as Skeptically Speaking and Science for the People, the rebranding, our favourite episodes, how the podcast has changed us, and what it's been like to be a science podcast from 2009 to 2023.

To our listeners: thank you all for sticking with us all these years, for supporting us, and most importantly for listening. We hope you'll continue to ask questions, to support science, and to think critically about the world around you. It's been an honour and a pleasure to have been Science for the People.

Updated to add: We discovered after publishing this episode that our email inbox had squirrelled away some amazing feedback from you in a strange place. When we found it we wanted to include a few more of your messages, so we've recut the episode to include them. If you haven't listened yet and you downloaded before 3 January 2024, please redownload to get the most up to date file!

Episode Mentions and other Shout Outs:


  • Rachelle Saunders
  • Bethany Brookshire
  • Marion Kilgour
  • Carolyn Wilke
  • Ryan Bromsgrove
  • K.O. Myers
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