Environmental Debt #270

June 20, 2014

This week, we're looking at how worldwide environmental challenges interact with our increasingly global economy. We'll speak to Amy Larkin, founder of Nature Means Business, about her book "Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy." Journalist Ken Silverstein joins us to explain the way climate change is dividing the insurance and energy industries. And we'll talk to Arjen Hoekstra, professor of Water Management at the University of Twente, about the effects of water scarcity on business.


  • Amy Larkin
  • Ken Silverstein
  • Arjen Hoekstra

Guest Bios

Amy Larkin

Amy Larkin is the author "Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy". Amy is an award-winning entrepreneur and environmental activist who co-founded one of the first affinity-marketing businesses, and has a 30 year relationship with Greenpeace. As Solutions Director of Greenpeace in 2010, she led the Consumer Goods Forum to eliminate super greenhouse gas HFCs from all new refrigeration equipment starting in 2015. Amy currently consults on public/private solutions for transformative environmental change. She regularly contributes to Huffington Post and the Guardian, where her column on the connection between Western consumerism and Chinese pollution was named one of the Top 5 Social Impact Stories of 2013.

Ken Silverstein

With a background in economics and political affairs, Ken Silverstein has spent two decades covering corporate and public policy. He has worked as a beat reporter, a Washington, D.C.-bureau chief, and an editor. He is now the editor-in-chief of Breakbulk.com and Breakbulk Magazine, which focuses on international trade and transportation and which is heavily geared to the coverage of global energy issues. He is also columnist for Forbes and the Christian Science Monitor. His work has been sourced in the Atlantic Monthly, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, National Public Radio and several newspapers and magazines in the United States and abroad.

Arjen Hoekstra

Arjen Hoekstra is Professor in Water Management at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. He is creator of the Water Footprint concept and founder of the Water Footprint Network. Hoekstra led a variety of interdisciplinary research projects and advised governments, civil society organizations, companies and multilateral institutions like UNESCO and the World Bank. Hoekstra's scientific publications cover a wide range of topics related to water management. His books include "The Water Footprint Assessment Manual" and "The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society".